Our Crew

What Makes Us Different

Jade Mountain Builders believes that the best way to build a house is to have all of the craftsmen in-house. Our crew frames, installs windows and doors, builds decks and porches, installs exterior trim and siding, builds stone walls and patios, installs standard to complex interior trim, does incredible custom tile work, installs kitchen cabinets, builds custom built-ins, and generally hardscapes the majority of our homes. This gives our crew a large amount of ownership in our final product. This also allows us to build homes quicker than our competition. Unless Mother Nature is watering, it is rare to find a vacant Jade Mountain Builders jobsite.

Jade Mountain Builders is one of the most sought after crews to join in Asheville. We generally interview thirty or so applicants to fill one position. We do not hire anyone who does not share our strong environmental ethic, our attention to detail, and our need for mutual respect on the jobsite. By following such rigorous screening practices, we have ended up with a crew of true conscientious craftsmen.

The leadership team at Jade Mountain Builders is the final piece that makes our family of craftsmen so successful. Hans Doellgast, owner of Jade Mountain Builders, relies heavily on his two project managers; Matthew Aho and Chris Ciocian. Matthew, who holds a degree in Environmental Politics and Political Theory, is the workhorse/genius of scheduling in the company. Chris joined Jade Mountain several years ago after leaving Vale Colorado. His attention to detail has been instrumental in earning Jade Mountain Builders its reputation. Hans Doellgast describes himself as a good carpenter, a great builder, and an excellent communicator. These three men have combined their own unique talents to create some of the healthiest homes, and happiest jobsites in Western North Carolina.


Jade crew and family